Accountability Counts!

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Many of you who read this blog regularly are looking for marketing tips and ideas for firms of similar size to yours. I am delighted to share observations, best practices, offering suggestions and tips for you. But the secret to your success is pretty simple, and it can be summed up in one word: accountabiilty.

Most local firms have not mandated accountability from their employees regarding business development.  Some may have suggested the staff  do 'more networking' (whatever that means), but often the discussion is vague, without direction, and lacking in concrete goal setting .

But think of the branding power you gain when you have multiple 'boots on the ground' helping you build a robust presence in your targeted market. While direct mail campaigns, relevant newsletters, and a rich website are important tools, we are, quite frankly, in a relationship business. And nothing builds relationships as effectively as face-to-face contact.  Social media and other resources are helpful, but getting to know someone while building trust and camaraderie is more likely to generate a lead for you.

So I suggest you look over your army of marketers - your staff - and consider how to use each person's skills and energy most efficiently. Set goals, invest in some training, and start to build your brand as you create new opportunities at the grass roots level!   


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