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This doesn't have that much to do with accounting.

The last two nights in Detroit have been nice and clear.  I took the dog out each night around 10:00 pm or so for the last time of the night, and both nights I saw quite clearly The Big Dipper.  It struck me how long it has been since I'd seen it.  I can easily spot Orion, but I seem to have a hard time with The Big Dipper.  (I can't spot any others in case you are curious).

This random thought become a Facebook status update:  Saw the Big Dipper. 2nd night in a row. Reward?  My friend and fellow Blogger Crew member Michelle Golden responded with "boy scout badge?"

And that got me thinking:  Why can't we earn badges as adults?  My son earned all sorts of badges for the short time he was a Scout and he clearly got a sense of pride and accomplishment from it.  I have a weight loss goal right now I'm working on and I plan on rewarding myself with a new suit when I reach it.  Is that the adult version of a "boy scout badge?"

I can't really relate this to the stuff I try to write about, but it has just been kind of gnawing at me.

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