A Personal Call is a Powerful Thing

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I hope that many of you visit this blog regularly, and that you consistently find ideas that help you to improve your firm's marketing activities. Sometimes the ideas are "profound" and other times they are simply good, common sense. The story I am sharing today falls into the latter category.

All too often we are busy seeking the silver bullet that will help us attract the attention of clients and prospects - but it all comes down to personal attention. This became obvious when our firm recently hosted its annual Business Symposium.  (Every year we host an event for our clients and other business owners and advisors that operate in the family business "space" in our marketplace. )

We mailed and e-mailed invitations to the event. But we noticed a remarkable trend. In more than 90% of the situations where a partner from our firm called a client and personally invited them, the client agreed to attend. Everyone saw the iinvitation, but most just added it to the "in" pile on their already cluttered desk. However, a personal phone call made all the difference in the world.

It is obvious that when we took the time to reach out to a client to tell them how important it was to us for them to join us, it made them feel valued.. With e-mail being so incredibly easy these days, I think we all tend to forget that we can actually talk to someone now and then. So, surprise a client - make a call! And when you do make the call, it stands out . Try it today and let us all know how that works for you. 


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