A new jobs bill

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"Pass this jobs bill." "You should pass it right away." This was the refrain, over and over again, when the president spoke to Congress earlier this month about his vision for a new jobs bill. "Pass this jobs bill, and starting tomorrow, small business will get a tax cut…" Seriously? Was Congress supposed to vote that night on a bill that hadn't even been written, and enact the bill so that tax cuts would take place the next morning?

Excuse me, but aren't we supposed to be putting the brakes on bullies? This shove-it-down-your-throat attitude of "Just do it because I say so," is wearing heavily on a nation that needs more than band-aid legislation. As accountants, we are immersed in sifting through the new laws and helping our clients find the golden nuggets that will help them in their businesses, and looking for the roadblocks that will prevent them from moving ahead. At the same time, we're all hoping for a miracle that will turn the economy around. Is the jobs bill going to do the job?


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