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I have been on the Bloggers Crew now for about a week and a half, and am very pleased that people are reading my posts.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to let you know a little bit more about me.

Prior to starting my Firm, my career looked something like this:

  • Graduated from The University of Michigan April 1984 (Walter Cronkite was the commencement speaker - way cool)
  • Detroit office of Deloitte (as in Deloitte Haskins + Sells) from 09/84 - 05/91.  Was known as "The Audit Animal."  Not sure why.
  • Controller of College for Creative Studies, a small fine arts college in Detroit from 05/91 - 01/93.  I generally get along well with people but I didn't get along with my boss.  Plus I learned non-profits aren't called that for only one reason.
  • Accountant at Kleiman, Carney & Greenbaum (later merged into what is now Baker Tilly Virchow Krause) in Farmington Hills, MI from 01/93 - 12/94.  The two most miserable years of my professional life.  Some very nice people there but I was permitted to be the staff on an audit that I had managed at Deloitte.  Pretty much sums it up.
  • Senior manager at MRPR Group, now in Southfield, MI from 12/94 - 10/99.  This was mostly a good experience, but my kids were little and tax season was getting hard to do.
  • Chief Financial Officer at Michigan Foundation Company, Inc., a ready-mixed concrete producer headquartered in Trenton, MI, from 10/99 - 08/03.  Made me a much better auditor.  Took a short break to deal with some health issues (much better now thank you).

I started what is now Silberstein Ungar, PLLC in October 2003.  John Maddox joined as a partner 11/01/04; we had worked together at MRPR Group.  We merged with Ron Silberstein 07/01/07.  Maddox left to pursue other interests in October 2009.  The Firm name had been Maddox Ungar Silberstein, PLLC, and we changed it at the beginning of February 2010.  Why Silberstein Ungar and not Ungar Silberstein:

  • Ron's name is better known in our two biggest niches - SEC auditing and franchising.
  • It's alphabetical this waay.
  • I didn't really care.  As long as my name is up there I don't care where.

You'll find most of my posts (but not this one) are cross posted on my personal blog that used to be called Accounting Thoughts.  When I was asked to join the Bloggers Crew, my fellow Crew member Michelle Golden jokingly suggested calling it "Ungar Cover" and I thought that fit my personality quite well.  So I renamed my personal blog to Ungar Cover as well.

I tend to write about things that come to mind.  Sometimes it will be accounting and auditing, sometimes tax (which is really funny to me because I consider myself merely competent at taxes), sometimes SEC related, sometimes practice management, sometimes things totally not related to what I'm supposed to be writing about.  Lately I find myself thinking about the complete inconsistencies in income statement presentations not just between industries but within a single industry, and I suspect a series of postings are coming on that.  Which may have already happened if you read this a couple of weeks after I posted it.

You can find me on LinkedIn.  I tend to keep a serious business image there, although I did wish everyone a Happy Festivus last December 23.  Send me an invitation to connect and let me know you are reading my blog and I will likely accept the invitation.

You can also find me on Facebook - if you friend me and let me know you are reading my blog I will undoubtedly friend you back.  I'm going to warn you ahead of time - Facebook is for the silly side of me.  As I write this my status is "Concerned that I might be a fuddy duddy" - at last count there about 25 comments on that.

In closing:

  • I love comments, even if you completely disagree with me.  I feel bad for a minute or two and then move on.
  • What do you want me to write about?  Please let me know.

I am very excited to be a part of the Bloggers Crew and hope that you enjoy my posts.

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