A Job or a Career?

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By Jerry Davis, CPA - I belong to C12, a Christian business group for business executives. At our most recent meeting, one of the members mentioned that he was having trouble finding good help. He is the area manager for a local grocery store chain. He is specifically responsible for the meat department in each store and is having trouble finding meat cutters.

An apprentice meat cutter starts out at $8 per hour. The positions are advertised by placing a help wanted ad in the window of each store. Through a series of questions, we found out that a meat market manager in the big grocery chains can make in the six figures. I was floored to learn that the position paid that well.

This brings me to the point of my post. He was marketing the position as an $8 per hour job when he should be marketing it as a six figure career. With today's economic conditions and the number of people looking for work, he should have people beating down his door for the opportunity to become a meat cutter in one of his stores.

How do you recruit? Do you recruit to fill a current need or do you recruit for the future? I think you will find the quality of the candidate pool will vastly improve if you do the latter.


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