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By Sally Glick -Good Reading!
We are in interesting times. As our clients’ trusted advisors, we are now in the role of helping them gain some confidence and find innovative solutions to deal with their unprecedented challenges. The best marketing tool we have is, as always, our reputation for excellent client service. Most CPAs agree that ours is a relationship profession and that the better and more effective our relationships are, the greater our success and most importantly, the greater our clients’ success.

With that in mind, I have recently read, “Trust Based Selling” on building long term relationships. Authored by Charles H. Green, I think you will find it full of important insights. In one section he quotes a colleague who gets referrals constantly without asking. Her secret? She cares more about meeting her clients’ needs than she does about what she will get out of it.

We are all looking for ways to determine the return for our marketing investment. Well, it is clear that sincere concern about doing the ‘right thing’ really pays off in a measureable way!

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