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Having recently given our website it’s fourth makeover and facelift throughout the time of our existence on the web, we look at how, not only us as a firm have changed, but also, how the internet has allowed us to grow and evolve our offering over time.

A UK accounting firm, focusing on overseas companies operating in the UK who embrace outsourced UK accoutningpayrollHuman Resources and taxation as, in essence a part time CFO role.

Let's look at how our homepage has changed over the last decade:

Kevin Beare & Co UK accounting firm website in 2011

kevin beare & co website 2011
Easier to navigate, smoother and uncomplicated access to key UK resources that overseas companies need to be aware of when investing in the UK. Now five columns at the top than six as the site in 2008 shows.

Kevin Beare & Co UK accounting firm website in 2008

kevin beare & co website 2008
A new bespoke, eye catching design that reflects the required objectives and personality of the firm using imagery and signposts to reduce the amount of text currently on the homepage.

Kevin Beare & Co UK accounting firm website in 2006

Did exactly what it said on the tin, and was expected from an accounting firm at that time.
kevin beare & co website 2006

Kevin Beare & Co UK accounting firm website 2000

A mere point of information, an electronic business card with a bit of ‘what we do’ thrown in. Fit for purpose during it’s reign.
kevin beare & co website 2000

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