A Bit Controversial

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We're going to get a bit controversial today. Some people are pushed into making life-changing decisions because of their personal beliefs. Most likely, this has happened to you, a coworker, a friend, or relative. Let's set the stage with a few examples before you devour the news, tips, and everything else in this rich edition of our Weekly News Analysis.

1. You work at a Big Four firm and are vehemently against killing animals for human consumption. Your boss insists that you be on the audit team at a meat processing plant. What do you do?

2. You care deeply about environmental issues and you make a living by being a controller at a construction company that has just won the contract to build a facility for a chemical company that has a reputation for fouling the planet. What do you do?

3. You are an accountant at a small public accounting firm and you are strongly against abortion. The firm has assigned you to work on an account of abortion clinics. What do you do?

E-mail me your comment about any or all of these potential situations. If you'd like, I will see that it is posted, anonymously if requested.


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