A big hurdle cleared - and a big day ahead

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I can hardly believe it. I am now my own CPA firm!

Not that it means much in the fact I have no clients (yet). I registered with and was granted approval by the Accountancy Board of Ohio last month in order to submit a bid on the job I mentioned in my last post. I received the notice while I was away for a few days.

The break was necessary - I was worn out .  My only work-related activities consisted of applying for some jobs.  My plan is to search for work as a sole practitioner as well as apply for positions with employers, but receiving the notice in the mail was a big step. I now have the supporting documentation to show would-be clients and others that I am serious about the shingle option.

I also have an important networking event coming up. I will be at a conference this week that involves many not-for-profit organizations. I hope to talk to some CFOs and controllers and get their thoughts about my idea to emphasize the single audit niche through my own practice.

My other task in the next couple of days is to brush up on my A-133. There have been a few alerts posted on the GAQC site in the last few weeks I need to review, and find out what the cost will be to access the information I used to get for free prior to my downsizing.


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