7 Years too Late

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By Allan Boress, CPA - It looks like the Bush Marketing Morons have finally opened a page from the Bill Clinton Customer Service textbook, and they actually did something right this past week. They decided to do something about the horrendous air travel problems that always circulate around the Thanksgiving Holiday. And they then held a conference to tell the customers what they did, why they did it, and how people will benefit. Amazing, but 7 years too late.

There are lessons for us CPAs to learn from this rare success.

Hill and Bill’s administration was populated with the likes of Dick Morris, my hero. You see, Morris – and his successors – were in tune with THEIR CUSTOMERS, the voting public. Result? Monica Lewinsky’s boyfriend left office with the highest job rating in history.

Bush, conversely, has one of the lowest ratings in history. Why? One major reason is they’ve been quite out of touch with a major tenet of quality perception of service: you must tell find out what the customer wants and then tell them what you are doing about it.

Good lesson here for CPAs. Often, they complain about lack of client willingness to pay fees, or appreciation of their hard work. Usually this is due to a major problem they don’t teach in CPA review courses: the client needs to know what you did, why it was important and how they will benefit.

Lesson learned, Mr. Bush. Now let’s see what you can do about the price of gas (so far, nothing), the housing crisis (so far, nothing) and traffic at shopping malls during Christmas!

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