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On Tuesday morning I will be heading to Washington, DC for the annual Association for Accounting Marketing (AAM) annual conference.  It is an intense three days, with carefully selected keynote speakers and general session panels along with terrific session presenters who facilitate smaller groups, sharing hands-on information. I am always re-energized after attending, and I wanted you all to know that I intend to return with some great new ideas tyhat will work no matter what size firm you represent.

These ideas will generate from the sessions, but I will also share the suggestions that are developed during the final program, "60 ideas in 60 minutes" which is an interactive session during which we leverage the collective knowledge of more than 400 accounting firm professional marketers - asking them to share their top picks across several different categories.

As one of the facilitators for this session, along with Russ Molinar, E & Y,  I am happy to share a preview with you:

One idea for building a marketing culture that we will discuss on Friday is the concept of internal newsletters. So many firms - especially smaller ones - don't take the time to bring everyone together through a communication vehicle like a monthly newsletter. Delivered electronically, there are few 'hard costs' associated with the process, and limitless potential. The value is that it provides a perfect opportunity for highlighting employees' efforts, announcing firm news, acknowledging new clients, celebrating birthdays and other milestones, providing a restaurant or book review, and building a sense of team work and camaraderie.  If you don't currently have an internal newsletter, call me and I will share ours with you and discuss how you can implement this idea at your firm.

Have a wonderful week.I look forward to sending some good ideas your way when the conference concludes on Friday, June 25!

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