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212 the extra degree® Book (No Decals)

At 211 degrees water is hot.  At 212 degrees it boils.  Boiling water makes steam.   Steam can power a train.  Imagine this....what if your firm applied that extra degree to everything that they do?  What would happen then?  Do you want to move full steam ahead?

This is a great, easy read with a simple message....the extra degree of effort in whatever you undertake, can reap exponential rewards.  Not only does it achieve the original objective you started out with, but that extra degree can take you way beyond what you may have imagined.

It is a mindset.  It is a way of thinking and then it becomes a way of life.  It's about commitment, responsibility and accountability.  There are thoughts, quotes, reflections and actions from the book that are very interesting, and useful in daily life.  We gave this book to our partners and managers to read prior to our annual retreat, and will be giving it to the staff as well.  It will certainly be a topic of ongoing firmwide discussion.

How high do you operate?  Get out there and kick it up a notch! 

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