2 Great Apps to Help With Your Marketing

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Hi. My name is Louie and I'm 12 years old. My Uncle Allan is an old boomer dude who asked me to show him how to use his iPad. I showed him all the games and other stuff I knew he wouldn't like, you know like iTunes. He doesn't even know what YouTube is, and I ain't gonna tell him.

Allan wanted me to tell you that you should get an iPad to help out with your marketing, as it’s a great tool and makes you look cool!

Uncle Al is always telling me about being a CPA and what it takes to build a practice. He thinks maybe one day I'll want to be one. As if. Because the iPad makes even him look awesome, he kept asking me to find something he could use for work.

So here are two apps from the App Store that will definitely help you with your marketing - and they will cost you about 10 bucks! Any cheapskate like Allan will appreciate that.

The first app is ToodleDoo. There's a whole bunch of "list making" and prioritizing programs, but this is the best. It's perfect for keeping track of things you need to do, prioritizing them, and following up. Uncle Al says these things are among biggest mistakes accountants make in being effective at bringing in more quality clients and referrals.

You can even create a separate list for “Marketing” to write down ideas as they come to you. And you could create one called “Follow up” with alarms and reminders. Some of you use may use other programs for this, but I can create a list and add a prioritized task in seconds. It’ll take you longer ‘cause your old.

Let’s say you meet a referral source at a rave and want to drop her a note or give her a call. You whip out your iPad, and using ToodleDoo, it takes you fifteen seconds to type it in, set a date for follow up and an alarm!

The other program is simply called "Notebooks". It is a neat way to keep track of all your sales calls and client info. It's set up like a book, where you make up chapters for each client!

Al uses his for all his client meetings. Let’s say he meets a new client and then meets with them 2 months later. No way could anyone remember those details, but he has his iPad with him and can now immediately find out where they left off and what they discussed.

That's all for now; I got homework and the least Al can do is finish it for me...


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