1040FU (and it's not what you think)

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While at  the HCLS conference in Missouri, Tom Hood of the Maryland Association of CPAs presented 3 of his fellow panelists with this bottle of 1040FU.  What the heck is 1040FU?  And no, it's not a bottle of F U.

FU refers to the possession of superior skills.  Think of David Carradine and Kung FU.  How clever and interesting, and certainly a conversation piece!!!!  The panelists and speakers at this conference all possessed a tremendous amount of FU. 

The wines, made by Joey Tensley, (ranked #22 in Wine Spectator in 2009) come from California and can be savored in a Syrah and a Red.

The label itself has captions and very amusing wording that will make any CPA chuckle.  I bought this for our managing partner, and he thought it was great and displays it on his credenza.  As a wine connoisseur, I'm sure he will be enjoying his bottle of Syrah soon.

Is there an accountant in your life that possesses FU?  What a fun and interesting way to say "Thanks"!

With another tax season laid to rest,  here's to kicking back with a little 1040FU.  Enjoy!        http://www.1040fu.com/

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