10 Ways to Specialize

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by Michelle Golden - It's one thing to say we specialize and it's another thing to do it. Here are 10 ways to prove you have a specialty and to maximize it:

1. Make the specialty a priority in CPE/CLE, marketing, and service (and SAY SO publicly!)

2. Bring in non-technical experts to speak at exclusive events you host or underwrite. Other industry experts or entertainers mean less work for you, more enjoyment for the audience, and you get all the credit.

3. Attend industry seminars and other events where you see, or even accompany, your clients.

4. Spend ample time developing processes to most effectively (and profitably!) serve THOSE clients.

5. Continuously add and improve products (services) to solve problems inherent in that industry.

6. Read and write for key print or on-line publications of the industry.

7. Explore, teach, and even help legislate about a variety of topics (meaning not JUST accounting or legal topics) within the industry.

8. Feature industry specific websites/blogs, updated often to show day-to-day involvement and expertise.

9. Hire non-financial or non-legal professionals to enhance expertise to industry (e.g. hire a registered nurse to consult with HC clients--some law and CPA firms do this very successfully)

10. Partner with other organizations to provide non-traditional solutions when it’s not practical or profitable to have the resource in-house.

We do at least seven of these. How many do you do?

(originally posted at Golden Practices.)


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