Accounting Firm Rituals

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By Rob Nance, Publisher - I remember when I worked at an accounting firm we had a monthly "birthday dessert gathering" in the kitchen. Those people with birthdays for the given month submitted their favorite desserts to the coordinator of the birthday events. A few were selected; many options involved chocolate. Oddly enough, during most of my time at the firm, I was the only person with a January birthday. I'm not a big fan of chocolate, so I submitted my favorite desserts:

Raisin pie
Blueberry pie
(I'm not a big "cake guy," despite the rumors)

No, I'm not making this up. When I walked in to the kitchen for the birthday gala, I spotted the blueberry pie and a sad little portion of tapioca. I said to the birthday coordinator, "Hey, what about the raisin pie?" This very kind woman replied, "If I had stuck to your list and not gotten any chocolate, they would have killed me."

I look forward to reading your stories about such events!


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