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Way Forward

Way Forward

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I graduated with a Bachelors in Accounting about 20yrs back from Country A. I got a job and did basic account balancing.

I then moved to manage a family business and I have been doing that for the past 10yrs.

I have now moved to Country B (USA)

I am determined in getting back into the workforce; unfortunately I am totally outdated -- I have now experience with all the "modern accounting system/software."

What would you suggest is the best move I should take --note money and time is not an issue:

  • Go back to college to get another Bachelors in Accounting here in the USA in order to catch up with things and start afresh (would take about 2yrs to complete --transfer credit).
  • Go back to college to get a Masters in Accounting and try to pick up from there and start applying for jobs (1.5yrs to complete).
  • Take certificate course/certificate programs that teaches the use of software currently used in the accounting sector and start applying for jobs (couple of months)

Any other advice would be appreciated.

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By Brian Krauss
Jun 25th 2015 20:12 EDT

Since time and money are no obstacle (indicating you have plenty of both) I suggest you go with the MBA option (option #2) assuming you can get into a U.S. MBA program with a Bachelor's degree from country A. During that 1.5 years, consider joining a local chapter (in the area you live in) of an accounting professional society (such as the IMA or your state's society of CPA's ... as an associate or student member) and also consider joining one of the finance-oriented job hunting associations (ie. FENG) that may be in your area. By contributing as a volunteer to these organizations -- and by participating in the student accounting society and getting to know your professors -- you will build up your network of professional contacts in the U.S., in your local area. You'll also likely meet at least one new good friend and many pleasant acquaintances. Remember: it's never only just "what you know" (although that matters) .... but also "who you know". Good luck. --Brian Krauss, Buffalo, NY

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