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UK Ltd company trading in far east

UK Ltd company trading in far east

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Hi everyone, 

A new client has approached me to help them with their company accounts. They have been operating in far east for the past 4 years.

The director is non-British, non-resident, and not ordinarily resident in the UK. Apart from the company's registered address, it has no ties with the UK, all trade and central management is performed in far east.

The issue is that for the past 4 years the company was declared as dormant by their previous accountant, but it has been trading all along, although not in UK. I am sure if a UK incorporated company is trading regardless of its trading location, its liable to UK corporation tax and its a trading company.

Your thoughts and comments please.



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By bramweller
Jun 26th 2015 01:12

Hi jai, if you haven't done so already, you may also want to post your question on AccountingWEB UK's Any Answers section, which is their version of our Forum. Here's the link:

Good luck!

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