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Did You Participate in the IRS's Voluntary Education Program?

Did You Participate in the IRS's Voluntary Educati

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The IRS announced on June 18 that nearly 44,000 tax return preparers participated in its inaugural Annual Filing Season Program. Were you one of those 44,000 preparers? If so, what was your experience like? What did you like about the program? What did you not like?

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By Rita E
Jun 26th 2015 01:12

I am an EA and happened to participate by coincidence. In the course of obtaining my CE for my EA, I met the AFSP requirements. The IRS sent me an email with my AFSP certificate and I thought, oh ok. I displayed it in my office but don't feel that I got any more out of the program then a piece of paper to display. I wonder how many of the 44,000 were EAs and possibly CPAs that happened to take the "formula" courses for the AFSP. In my opinion it was ineffectual in reaching the the unenrolled preparer community. Regulation of the preparer community needs to come from Congress to give any "heft" to an IRS program.

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