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Comment on Mr Newquist "100% Cloud"

Comment on Mr Newquist "100% Cloud"
Mr Newquist :  Your Daily comments yesterday concerning the “Cloud” and in particular your remark “… I don’t understand all the fuss in the accounting profession about using Cloud-based computing…” were interesting. 
Certainly the Cloud offers opportunity to businesses, accounting and otherwise, especially smaller or medium-sized organizations. The Cloud offers these companies a potential avenue to the latest computing technology without the necessity of investing in the IT infrastructure. But there are issues to consider before rushing into the Cloud.
The advantages are obvious – Security is usually very good, everything is almost always protected; stored on multiple servers, secured with the newest and most advanced technology insuring your data is protected and access-controlled. The data is real-time and live. No more waiting for updates to complete before having information available; data-entered-is-data-available. Data is always available if you have an internet connection, you have your data and reports. Finally, software maintenance is a thing of the past. Your Cloud/Software provider will do all the normal “care-and-feeding” of the system. 
The downside? First, even though Cloud security is good, hackers can be (and often are) better. The simple act of turning off your PC at night secures your valuable information from all access in a local installation. In the Cloud, 100% access means potential security issues all the time. Next, for the application you’re running, is your Cloud/Software provider reliable. Is he going to be there tomorrow? Will he actually provide the support, access, training, and hand-holding needed? Will the software actually give you what you need? How comfortable are you and your employees using the software? No modifications are allowed so the software package may not provide exactly what you need. You may have to alter your business processes to fully utilize a Cloud application. 
Moving to the Cloud isn’t a rush-into-it situation. A full assessment of needs and review of providers is required. The Cloud is not free and costs, depending on users, can be high. It is a considered decision and should not be a snap-judgment. 
Four Hawks generally recommends movement to the Cloud. But with careful attention to what is needed, cost, and benefits. 

Peter Sullins

Managing General Member

Four Hawks LLC

Las Vegas, NV



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By Caleb Newquist
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

Hi Peter,

A fine post. Thanks for joining the discussion.

I think a lot of your points may be summed up with, "Trust, but verify"?

We agree on security, relevancy of data and maintenance; all of these things are vastly improved through use of cloud applications.

And I agree with you that proper due diligence is required to make the best decision possible for each organization.

But hackers will always be a risk, from now until the cows come home. 24/7 security is required, yes, but there are no shortage of companies who provide this and they won't be going out of business any time soon. They wouldn't be very good at their business if they were getting into cloud security because it's a fad. Finally, personnel are always adjusting to changes, this is simply another one. If I had a nickel for every time I had to explain why a certain change is for the best and not to be feared, I'd have a truckload of nickels.

Like I said in my note, I like things that work and make my life easier. And I like disruption because it usually results in making things better and easier.

So I'm not a cloud evangelist so much as a cloud pragmatist. More like, "Look at this Cloud!" rather than "Come to Cloud," if you catch my drift.

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By Mark Johnson
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

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