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Beating Auditors

Beating Auditors

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ICYMI: Southern California Professor Jacob Soll wrote a fascinating book entitled The Reckoning: Financial Accountability and the Rise and Fall of Nations. I just ordered a copy and plan to squeeze it in between some George R.R. Martin and David Foster Wallace.

Over at Going Concern, Adrienne Gonzalez highlighted this excerpt:

In ancient Athens, accounting was seen as connected to political accountability. From the beginning, a complex system of bookkeeping and public auditing was at the heart of democratic government. The Athenian treasury was considered sacred and kept at Delos under the watchful eyes on its treasurers. Humble citizens and slaves were educated and employed as bookkeepers. For the most part, Athenians preferred public slaves as comptrollers and auditors because they could be tortured on the rack and freemen could not.

Sounds like a great end of summer read. Anyone picked it up already? 

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