Community rules and moderation policy

General terms:

These guidelines are designed to ensure the AccountingWEB community is an enjoyable, inspiring, and safe one for all our members. They come down to common sense, courtesy, and respect (for your hosts and the rest of the community).

If you don’t agree with them, we won’t take it personally, and nor should you if we need to suggest might not be for you.

When we say ‘We’, we mean and Sift Media, who is the Publisher of AccountingWEB. When we say 'the site' we mean

We might update these guidelines, and we recommend you check back once in a while. Any new community features we introduce to the site will fall under these guidelines.

What do these rules cover?

Our community rules and moderation policy apply to any area of the site where you might post comments, threads, or contribute in any other way.

What is AccountingWEB’s Discussion?

AccountingWEB’s Discussion is a place for members to post questions and comments relevant to all areas of the accounting profession for other members to view, consider, answer, and discuss. For example 'How do you do X?' or ‘I’ve read about Y but I’m not sure how to incorporate that into my practice.’ All members are free to respond to the questions and discussion topics appropriately and relevantly.

Basic rules:’s Discussion is not a place to advertise or promote your own services. Please also refrain from posting questions such as 'What do you think of my company/website?'

Answers and comments must not include self-promotional content which is not relevant to the original post.

Members who post information about their own company/business in AccountingWEB’s Discussion or within comments on stories unnecessarily will be asked to desist. A warning or ban from the site may follow.

We expect members to behave appropriately and sensitively at all times and never to post comments which are knowingly offensive.

Bad language will not be tolerated at all. If you can’t make a point without swearing, then please do not submit a post or comment. This includes self-censored language (e.g. use of asterisks to mask words).

Deliberately inflammatory comments about sex, age, race, religion, or politics, or any other derogatory or personal attacks will not be tolerated, and any attempts by members to deliberately provoke another member on these grounds will result in a temporary ban and the original thread being removed to allow time to investigate the nature and context of the comment(s).

Community DOs and DON'Ts:

  • Please stay on topic. If you wish to introduce a new topic, please do so in a separate post.
  • Please do not post personal comments towards other members that could be interpreted as offensive or inflammatory. These will not be tolerated and will be moderated/deleted.
  • If you feel provoked by what you consider to be a personal comment, please try not to respond. Please contact the moderators who will deal with this.
  • Please also alert the moderator to anything you find offensive or abusive. We will deal with it in accordance with these rules. To alert the moderator click on the ‘Report’ link on the appropriate comment to send a message including your reasons for requesting its removal.
  • Please consider the intonation of your postings when you write them and understand that interpretation of the written word can be subjective. You could offend someone without meaning to if they misinterpret your tone. Be mindful of this before you click 'submit'.
  • Note that user accounts are only required for those who wish to make original posts in the Discussion area. Please do not create multiple user accounts. This will result in the additional accounts being removed and deleted from the site. From time to time we may have to verify accounts that we believe may be duplicates or attempts to circumvent ongoing bans from the site.
  • Please avoid political, religious, racial, or other such emotive topics which you could sensibly predict will provoke and offend other members.
  • When we remove a post on the site, or an entire thread, we will endeavour to explain why, both to the community and to the individual although we may not have the time to contact the member directly through private message.
  • Please do not complain or comment on this moderation policy in the Discussion forum. We will address any questions, comments, or complaints by email or Private Message. reserves the right to remove any material from the Discussion forum without warning or notice as we see fit or if contravenes these rules and guidelines. reserves the right to remove or disable or block member accounts based on any behavior which contravenes these rules and guidelines.

Moderation procedure:

Our moderation team will deem if a comment or posting needs to be edited or removed from the site.

Sometimes it may be necessary to remove an entire thread or conversations from the site. We endeavor to do this only in the most extreme cases in order to preserve the flow of conversation on the site.

Members who continue to break the community rules after a warning will incur a temporary ban on their access to Members who are welcomed back after a temporary ban will be asked to post within the guidelines as stated here. Failure to do so will result in a permanent ban.

We are willing to review permanent bans after six months. Each case will be assessed individually and no precedence will apply.

We promise to review any offensive or inflammatory posts within 2 working days of a post being reported.

We promise to respond to member queries and requests reasonably and responsibly but ask that our members allow us reasonable time to deal with each request – some things may take us longer to investigate.

Our commitment to members

We want to make a safe, professional, and interesting place for you to ask questions and make comments.

We promise to afford members freedom of expression within the reasonable confines of the law and decent and appropriate behavior.

Where possible, we promise to protect the anonymity of those members who prefer to remain anonymous on

If there is ever anything you are unhappy about on our sites then please contact us.