Learn How to Take Advantage of the Slow Times in Your Schedule

Jeff Davidson
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I was at an international dinner attended by about 40 people. To the left of me sat an interesting gentleman who said that he never got a chance throughout the week to take a break because, in his line of business, he has to be “on” all the time. His wife sat to his left and said that wherever they went, he was attached to his cellphone.

When he left the table for a bit, I spoke to his wife and asked if the cellphone attachment cut into their time together. She said yes, sadly. When he returned, in a conversational way, I explained that in all industries, historical patterns indicate the heavy times throughout the day and the week, versus the slow times. Regardless of the profession, slow times always exist throughout the week. In some professions, it's Friday afternoon; in others, it's early in the morning or sometime before or after lunch. Slow times throughout the seasons can be traced as well. Most people know when their slow times are, but do they take advantage of them?

Carve Your Path

By understanding the historical patterns in accounting, you can carve out time and space when you don't need to be tethered to your cellphone. This is important because if you’re tethered all the time, the quality of interaction you have with your clients and prospects is not the same as when you have time to reflect and to be on your own.

The best and the brightest in accounting learn to carve out time for themselves. Perhaps the reason they are the best is that they know how to reflect and to regenerate themselves to resume their activities, even more energetic and on the ball.

About the author:

Jeff Davidson, a.k.a. "The Work-life Balance Expert"® works with busy accountants to increase their work-life balance, so that they can be more productive and competitive, and still have a happy home life. He is the author of Breathing Space, Simpler Living, and Dial it Down, Live it Up. Visit www.breathingspace.com.


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By Aurora Veronica Griffin
Jun 26th 2015 01:11

The freedom to carve your own path. This is one of the beauty I have recognized since I started to have a business on my own. I know it's still a startup, but I am positive that I will be able to go through with the potholes along the way. So long as I have the right plan and preparation. This is one of the lessons I have learned from the article http://bit.ly/1tu5nDT I came across. with.

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