Charlie Brown, Missing Briefly, Is Found

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A six-foot statue of Charlie Brown, weighing approximately 300 pounds, disappeared from its spot in front of a restaurant in Santa Rosa, California. The statue was returned at approximately 3 a.m.

Bob Forsyth, the restaurant's owner, offered a $2,500 reward for the safe return of the statue, which is one of 55 Charlie Brown statues (one for each year Charles Schultz drew the Peanuts cartoon) erected as part of a public art project and fund-raiser. The Good Samaritan who called the restaurant telling security personnel he knew the statue's whereabouts will receive the reward. Forsyth does not intend to pursue charges against anyone involved in the disappearance.

“We said no questions asked,” Forsyth told KRON Channel 4. “I figure it took two guys to move him.”

Charlie Brown didn't appear too affected by his adventure. According to KRON Channel 4, there was a small ding on his nose and hat and part of his foot was broken. Demonstrating the dogged determination he is known for, he was still wearing his chef's hat and holding his spatula.

“I've got to speak with the artist. We're thinking about putting a cast on his leg,” Forsyth, who is a nephew of Schultz' widow, Jeannie, told the San Francisco Chronicle.

Forsyth intends to return Charlie Brown to his honored spot in front of Michele's Restaurant in historic Railroad Square but will do more to ensure his safety than just replacing the bolts the kidnappers severed.

Charles Schultz lived in the area for 42 years. Proceeds from the sale of the statues, including the $7,000 paid by Forsyth, is expected to used to fund an art scholarship and to commission a Charlie Brown Sculpture at the Charles M. Schultz Sonoma County Airport.

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