British cross-dressing accountant may have faked his own death

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Simon Carroll, 43, a British accountant from Shoeburyness, Essex, and a known cross-dresser, was thought to have killed himself last year after stealing nearly 600,000 pounds from the accounts of a building supply company in Essex.

The accountant confessed to stealing the money and disappeared shortly thereafter. His abandoned Porsche was found soon after the theft, and inside were an empty vodka bottle, an empty pill jar, and a hosepipe. No body was ever found.

According to a report in the Times Online, a police source said: "He had stolen a lot of money – some could have been used to set up a new life. His confession just before he disappeared seems to make things a little too neat and tidy. And his body has never turned up. It increasingly looks like he staged his own death and could be living anywhere in the world."

According to a report in the Mirror, Carroll led a double life, dabbling in cocaine and cross-dressing when he wasn't working as an accountant. "He spent £1,000 a time on designer suits and enjoyed frequent exotic holidays. He even hit the headlines when he bought a replica Starsky and Hutch car, appearing with it at film premieres and club openings," the Mirror reports.

Carroll has been jailed previously for bank fraud. At the time of his disappearance, his bank account was overdrawn and he had amassed credit card debts exceeding £50,000.

Police detectives are keeping the case open and are looking for any signs leading to the possibility that Carroll might still be alive, using a falsified identity.

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