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New Bookkeeping

Why Bookkeeping as a Brand Needs To Change


The past few years have challenged the traditional definition of “bookkeeper.” While those centuries-old services bookkeepers have offered remain relevant, the pandemic has pushed many bookkeepers into new roles as businesses lean on them for advice to stay afloat.

Dec 22nd 2021
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As we prepare for 2022, bookkeepers have a unique opportunity to set (or reset) their expectations and vision. In fact, now is the right moment to ask: is the term “bookkeeper” due for a new definition?

Our recent State of Bookkeeping Practices Survey suggests the answer is yes. Bookkeepers are in a prime position to redesign and rebrand their offering to meet client needs in 2022— and for those already embracing this change, the survey shows high growth


So whether resolutions or just a fresh perspective are how you like to kick off the new year, here are three areas to focus on that can help you capitalize on a new year and a new you.


Although many bookkeepers are using the cloud and adopting more digital processes, the industry is still building up to a digital revolution. Piles of paper invoices and sticky notes with scribbled reminders continue to clog up back-office operations. Our survey found that bookkeepers give themselves a 6.7/10 on digital transformation—plenty of room to improve as technology becomes central to every profession.

Quite a few bookkeepers are already planning to improve their digital and analytic capabilities within the next year. We found that while 32 percent of bookkeepers already deploy data analytics, another 29 percent are planning to do so before 2023.

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