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The Ultimate January Checklist for Bookkeepers


Although January can be a hectic time for bookkeepers, it's also a prime time for completing tasks that will elevate your firm's reputation in the long run. In this article, Billie Anne Grigg of Profit First Professionals offers tips for bookkeepers to balance helping clients with meeting deadlines in the new year.

Jan 5th 2022
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January can be a stressful month for bookkeepers. In addition to our normal workload, we have additional payroll deadlines, 1099s are due, we’re trying to close out the books so our clients’ accountants can work their magic and many of our clients are asking for strategic meetings to help them start the new year on the right foot.

We can easily get caught up in the frenetic busyness of the month and start February feeling like we barely survived, much less did the best possible work on our clients’ books. This is where the below checklist comes in handy.

The following 10 items might not be on your radar in January, but completing them will elevate your firm’s reputation as a top-notch bookkeeping services provider. As a bonus, they add only a few minutes to your annual closing processes.

1. Check all bank and credit card accounts for unreconciled transactions. As more businesses opt for electronic payments, unreconciled expenses are becoming less common. Unless your client writes a large number of checks, unreconciled expenses in their bank accounts should send up a red flag in your end-of-year review process, as they could indicate duplicate – and therefore overstated – expenses.

Even if your client does write a fair number of checks, you should still examine any unreconciled transactions. If the payment truly is outstanding, consider asking your client to contact the payee to determine if there is a reason why they have not presented checks for payment that are more than 60 days old.

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Theo L. Morson, JD, LLM
By tmorson3
May 15th 2022 15:56 EDT

I love this article. This is certainly something I'll save as a reminder from year to year. My firm prepares business taxes for clients, and I can insure you that a good bookkeeper is worth gold.
T.L. Morson and Associates, PLLC

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