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Tech Tips for Bookkeepers for the 2022 Tax Season


Tax season is almost here, and with it comes extra stress. But there are plenty of tools available to bookkeepers to make it go more smoothly. Here, Billie Ann Grigg of Profit First Professionals discusses some of the software, apps and other technology that bookkeepers should use to make the 2022 tax season a success. 

Sep 1st 2021
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Ready or not, the 2022 tax season will soon be upon us. However, most would agree that “ready” is better than “not.” Even if you don’t do taxes at your firm, you need to make sure your tech stack is top-notch to make the upcoming tax season go as smoothly as possible for you, your team and your clients.

Here are the top eight things bookkeepers need in their tech stack for the 2022 tax season. Go ahead and familiarize yourself with them now. There’s nothing worse than a learning curve on a tight deadline.

What Should a Bookkeeper's Tech Stack Look Like in 2022?

1. Cloud-Based General Ledger Software

If you’re still using desktop-based software, now is a great time to convert to the cloud. Cloud-based accounting software like QuickBooks Online and Xero allow you to work seamlessly with your clients, their tax professionals and your team without the risk of overwriting each other’s work or locking each other out of the software, stressors you don’t need when deadlines are looming.

2. 1099 Software

If you don’t use a general ledger software that prepares, e-files, emails and mails 1099s on your behalf, then you’ll want to use dedicated 1099 software that handles all of this for you. Yes, you’ll pay more for Track1099 and similar programs than you would spend on buying and mailing forms yourself, but the increased efficiency is well worth the investment.

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