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How to Bring Added Value to Your Client’s Bookkeeping Accounts in 2019

Jan 31st 2017
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As professionals in this industry, we are aware that only a small percentage of business owners take on the responsibility of handling their own accounting and bookkeeping, yet many business owners admit they need outside help to address financial matters.

For businesses that frequently visit their trusted advisors throughout the year, they are more prepared, optimistic about their prospects, and can expect to see an increase in their revenue.

So, how do you continue to take your firms to the next level and deliver more value to your clients?

Here are some strategies and tactics for growth in your bookkeeping practice that can help:

1. Analyze historical cash-flow trends. Have a conversation with your clients about how they can properly plan based on what the trends indicate.

For example, by analyzing the cash flow, you can project sources and applications of funds for the upcoming time periods. You will identify any cash-deficit periods in advance so you can take corrective actions to alleviate the deficit.

2. Proactively determine what reports are important to your clients and when. Utilize technology to illustrate relevant reports (interactively where possible) on a mobile dashboard. Visuals are extremely important as your client will be able to follow along with the reporting. This helps build trust and it allows them to learn different tools that will work for their business.

3. Leverage all technology integrations. Whether it’s connecting an expense management software, syncing a point of sale to an accounting software, or figuring out how to sync merchant service accounts properly to avoid double entries. It will help you work faster and have more to time to act in an advisory capacity with your clients.

4. Pretend the business belongs to you. This will help you see the little things, like why was the Verizon bill $800 last month and never went over $200 before, or why was there a CC charge from New Zealand when the client’s business is based locally with only local clients?

Changing our point of view allows us to see things from the client’s perspective. In turn, this helps us become a valuable asset because not only can we identify problems, but we are able to come up with viable solutions that will help their business grow.

5. Utilize the power of your company to leverage excellent service and reduced pricing for your clients. As a firm, we have been instrumental in negotiating discounts for us from service providers like payroll, CPAs, software, etc.

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Feb 8th 2017 15:47 EST

Great article, Mark.

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