Bank of America Bringing Music to CPA Ears

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As part of its first-ever Get in Tune program, Bank of America Business Bankers serving companies making $2.5 million to $20 million in annual revenues, are distributing more than 3,000 packages stuffed with items including an iPod Shuffle, $10 gift Card for online music, squeezable stress relief ball and candy, to hard-working Certified Public Accountants (CPAs).

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“Get in Tune program is one way that Bank of America Business Banking can demonstrate to CPAs that we recognize and understand how intense the April tax season is for them,” said Lynn Pike, president, Bank of America Business Banking. “We also want to reward CPAs for helping their business clients better manage their companies.”

Business Bankers will personally deliver Get in Tune packages to local CPAs beginning Monday, April 3, and continue through May in some markets.

“We're taking this hands-on approach as a reflection of our personal and local commitment to these hard working men and women, and because we're all part of the same communities,” Pike stated. “We feel delivering the packages in person is a much more sincere way of saying thank you than simply putting them in the mail.”

“The primary goal of Get in tune is to recognize and thank CPAs, and it is also an innovative marketing approach designed to help us build awareness and market share in what are known as centers of influence,” noted Raj Madan, Business Banking Marketing Executive. “CPAs touch many other businesses and help them grow, and we want to express our appreciation for that hard work. We know, however, that iPods and gifts aren't the ultimate thanks – we have to be dedicated to providing CPAs with the best financial solutions and higher standards of service.”

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