Analyzing the Andersen Consulting/Microsoft Partnership

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By now, it's old news that Andersen Consulting and Microsoft joined to form Avanade, a new venture to help the software giant implement solutions for e-Commerce. Now that the dust has settled, what does Microsoft really hope to gain through the new relationship?

Based on data collected from Forrester Research, the e-Commerce market is expected to grow to $19.5 billion this year, and Microsoft wants to continue building market share by taking an active role in helping companies bring their products and services to the Internet.

The lucrative and viable consulting marketplace is a natural partner for companies and consulting firms of all sizes--including the behemoth Microsoft. Just last week, Ernst & Young Consulting began a new division called DareStep to focus on strategic planning, technology choices, and systems integration in business-to-consumer Web commerce.

If all this sounds like competition is king, you're right. The market is flooded with companies who claim they can build a better mousetrap, but above all, speed is the most important factor, and Microsoft recognized this aspect when it chiseled its deal with Andersen Consulting.

Stay tuned for market momentum ...

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