AICPA's CITP Enhances Practice Development

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AICPA's newest professional designation, Certified Information Technology Professional (CITP) distinguishes CPAs who are proficient in information technology, and enhances the CPA's credibility as the premier provider of IT services among employers and clients.

"Historically, management and financial staff often claim that they do not get what they need from IT for increasing the bottom line; or that the business does not get the promised return from their IT investment," says James Metzler, partner, Gaines Metzler Kriner & Co. LLP, and chair of the AICPA Information Technology Executive Committee. "IT claims that management does not really know what it wants and that it is resistant to learn how to use technology properly."

Melzler says the CITP acts as the “bridge” between management and the information technology (IT) department. This explains why there has been this gap or wall between making the “connections” of bottom line business improvement enabled by IT.

CITP brings huge value to a CPA and their appropriate client and employers whether they are CPAs in industry, consulting, computer and software services, government, or education. The CITP is a serious credential backed up by specialized IT education, training and experience and an examination, where required. The designation enables the CPA to leverage his or her abilities as a technology strategist and valued business advisor.

Qualifying for the CITP designation for both new and experienced CPA IT professionals is based on business experience, lifelong learning and an exam. Candidates must have a minimum of 30 points for lifelong learning and a minimum of 15 points in business experience. The Assessment Tool, available online at the CITP Web site, must be completed in order to qualify for the certification.

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