AccountingWEB's Spring Update - Storefront's Launched

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Now that tax season has come and gone, we thought it might be helpful to share with you some recent developments at AccountingWEB for you to consider as you plan your strategy for promoting your products and services. We encourage you to explore the concepts outlined below and to visit our site to see all the latest features that we are bringing through our online community.

AccountingWEB Membership Reaches 30,000

In the last eighteen months, AccountingWEB membership has grown to 30,000 accounting practitioners, financial professionals, accounting administrators, accounting students and industry accountants.

AccountingWEB Site Statistics

AccountingWEB has become "home" to a great many accounting professionals, and participation in the AccountingWEB community is strong and getting even stronger.

Our Competitive Environment

The papers have been filled with stories of dot-com disasters and portals going bankrupt. You may already know that Pro2Net, our largest competitor recently shut their doors. Finetrics, another new ASP service that exploded onto the scene, also has flared out quickly. AccountingWEB has taken a contrary view from many other online organizations and has always approached our offering as a traditional business model. Revenues matter. Expense control matters. Profits matter.

Ongoing Promotional Opportunities

As our site and our marketplace has matured, we have developed a number of avenues for suppliers to the profession to participate in and promote their products to the rest of the community. At AccountingWEB, we believe that suppliers, consultants, and vendors are an integral part of our community - not a separate group trying to gain access to it! Some of these promotional vehicles include: E-mail sponsorships, workshop sponsorships, site advertising such as large and small banners, site sponsorships and StoreFronts. .

Combine Items Above in a StoreFront and Maximize Your Impact

The AccountingWEB StoreFront is our most comprehensive and economical package incorporating many key marketing tools. The StoreFront gives you an ongoing presence inside our community, provides exposure through many of the a la carte advertising features available from AccountingWEB and gives you "signposts" throughout the site directing people to your StoreFront and your services on AccountingWEB. Be sure you explore what StoreFronts can offer – it may be the ideal tool for your organization!

I hope you've found this AccountingWEB update helpful as you plan your strategy for promoting your products and services to an accounting audience. We invite your continued participation in our growing organization, and welcome the opportunity to propose a custom-built plan to maximize your exposure to our membership. Please contact our sales department at 317-876-7525 or e-mail our sales department at [email protected] to see how your organization can benefit from an ongoing relationship with AccountingWEB, Inc.

Michael Platt, CEO
AccountingWEB, Inc.
[email protected]
P.O. Box 68748
Indianapolis IN 46268
317-876-7525 Phone
317-471-3508 Fax

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