AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 12

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The AccountingWEB Newswire - Issue 12
October 8, 1999


In the headlines this week:
1. AOL Releases Version 5.0 -- BUT WATCH OUT !!!!!!
2. Consolidator Update: CBIZ Looking To Possibly Sell Itself?
3. 401(k) Plan Administration Just Got EZ
4. Microsoft To Offer Software For Rent
5. Another Big 5 Exec Lured Into The Internet
6. Adding "Stickiness" To Your Website To Increase Visits
7. Take Control of Your Meetings
8. Internet Taxation: Will We or Won't We?
9. Internet Tip: Brush Up On Your Techno-Glossary

Editor's Note

We had a flurry of activity and feedback last week after the
story we published on Mars & Venus -- the differences in buying
habits of men and women. Have you experienced different buying
styles between genders? Go to the story and add your comments at
the bottom of the page!

You are invited and encouraged to participate in our on-line
poll this week as we try to identify the particular skill sets
that accountants need to improve upon. Take our results and
extrapolate to your firm. To access the poll, go to:

AccountingWEB Sales Workshop Reminder: Mark your calendars now
for Tuesday October 12 at 4:00pm Eastern Time and join us online
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We thank you in advance for your participation in these
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Michael T. Platt
[email protected]

1. AOL Releases Version 5.0 -- But Watch Out!


If you are an AOL user, and have a separate dial-up account with

another Internet provider, BEWARE of downloading the new Version

5.0 -- it may disable your connection to the Internet. Apparently

the AOL TCP/IP adapter installed by AOL 5.0 is to blame. In some

instances, it may establish itself as the default network adapter

and disable any DNS settings required to connect to an ISP -- in

other words, you can't get on the Internet! If you have already

downloaded the new software, one fix is to uninstall AOL 5.0, go

into the Windows Network configuration menu, and manually re-

enter the IP address information. Or just wait for AOL to come

up with a solution . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Accountemps is the world's first and largest provider of
temporary accounting, finance and bookkeeping professionals.
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2. Consolidator Update: CBIZ Looking To Possibly Sell Itself?


Century Business Services announced this week that it has hired

Merrill Lynch & Co. to explore strategic alternatives which would

result in increased shareholder value for the accounting

consolidator. Translation: "Now that we've got the 7th largest

accounting firm in the USA, what do we do with it?" Among the

alternatives it is exploring is finding a merger partner or even

selling itself outright. CBIZ began operations in 1996 and

trading on the NASDAQ shows a current market capitalization of

just about $1 billion. Any takers?

3. 401(k) Administration Just Got EZ


The blessing and the curse of the Internet is alive and well as

complex processes, once the great domain of the CPA profession,

are being simplified and commoditized. The newest entry in this

area is, a web site that claims that employers can

design a 401(k) plan and print out plan announcements for

employees in just five minutes for a $401 set up fee and a

monthly maintenance fee. The service includes plan set up,

reporting, deposits and withdrawals. Whether you think this is a

good service or not is irrelevant. Your clients will hear about

this and other similar services, so the 401(k) administration

that you are doing for them better bring some added value or they

are just a mouse click away from going elsewhere.

Reminder: As the October 15 tax filing deadline approaches this
week, keep in mind that it is the last day to revert a 1998 Roth
IRA conversion to a regular IRA.

4. Microsoft To Offer Software For Rent


Excel -- 1.5 hours; PowerPoint -- 3.5 hours; Invoice -- $72.50?

In response to consumer demands, Microsoft is planning to add

software rental to its distribution channels by allowing

individual users to access software through the Internet on an

hourly basis. The target audience would be small to medium sized

businesses. Working with Internet provider Verio, Microsoft

hopes to have this new service in place by the end of the 1st

quarter next year.

5. Another Big 5 Exec Lured Into The Internet


Hot on the heels of last month's announcement that Andersen

Consulting CEO George Shaheen has retired to head up Internet

start-up Webvan, Jeffrey Hirschberg this week announced his

retirement as Vice Chairman of Ernst & Young to become a director

of, a web-based telecommunications start up company.

The potential payoff for Hirschberg is in the $millions . . .

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6. Adding "Stickiness" To Your Website To Increase Visits


Research shows that around 80 percent of first time surfers tend

not to return to a web site once they have made their initial

visit. How can you find ways to attract clients to your web site

and keep them coming back for more? Technology company Nvision

outlines ten steps every organization must follow in order to

build a web site with lasting appeal to the audience. Download

the checklist here:

7. Take Control of Your Meetings


We have all been there. Going from meeting to meeting, with each

one seemingly less organized and focused than the last. But it

doesn't need to be this way. How can you help move a meeting

along if you're not the one in charge? How can you take control

without breaking any politically correct business rules? We have

gathered some PRACTICAL tips to help both meeting organizers and

meeting attendees be more productive. Click here if you want to

save your company and yourself time and money and be more

effective at meetings:

IRS - The Lighter Side

The Wall Street Journal reported this week that a fence company
was ordered by a U.S. district court to pay the IRS $6,000 in
printing costs incurred at Kinko's when the agency copied 22,720
of the company's documents at 25 cents per copy. God bless the
Internal Revenue Service!

8. Internet Taxation: Will We or Won't We?


Following up on a story we reported last month, it appears as if

the Congressionally appointed Advisory Commission on Electronic

Commerce will NOT publish its report in April 2000 with its

recommendations as to whether and how to tax Internet commerce.

It appears they are held up on some critical issues, and will not

be able to reach any conclusions by then. Thankfully, Oregon

Senator Ron Wyden is on the Committee overseeing this group, and

as long as there are numerous Internet entrepreneurs in the State

of Oregon, the constituency can be heard . . .

Customer Service Tip borrowed from a Cherokee Indian saying:
"Listen to the whispers and you won't have to hear the screams."

9. Internet Tip: Brush Up On Your Techno-Glossary


The techies in your office are constantly bringing you

information about ISPs, LANs, WANs, bump mapping, P3P, DSTP and

other terms that most people don't know and don't want to know

about. Luckily for the majority of us there is a technology

encyclopaedia available on line, which defines this alphabet soup

of today's technical lexicon. Impress your friends at the next

party by chatting knowingly about steganography (The art and

science of hiding information by embedding messages within other,

seemingly harmless messages.) OK, so you may not use it

everyday, but bookmark this site and you'll never wonder what the

techies say again.

If you know of an Internet tip, or a technology tip that others
can benefit from, you are encouraged to send it in to us at
mailto:[email protected].

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