AccountingWEB Weekly News Wrap-up - Issue 11

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The AccountingWEB Newswire - Issue 11
October 1, 1999


In the headlines this week:
1. Controlling Internet Access Within A CPA Firm
2. Help Is Available on Sec 529 Qualified State Tuition Programs
3. Help Your Clients Understand Security Issues of E-Commerce
4. Financial Advisory Specialists - Take Note
5. Beat Back Sick Days In Your Firm While Promoting a Team
6. Helping You Help Your Clients Make Better Credit Decisions
7. Selling Professional Services To The Opposite Sex
8. CCH Releases Tax Bracket Changes For 2000
9. Internet Tip: Golf Course On Line Reference

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1. Controlling Internet Access Within A CPA Firm


As an Internet based organization, we believe in full Internet

access for every employee. But we also know that time is money.

Accounting firm owners know this as well as anyone. So what

happens when Internet access gobbles up your firm's precious

time? Employers looking to play Big Brother and keep a check on

Internet activity in their companies have several options. One

solution is to completely limit access to the Internet. The

problem with this idea is that it also limits your employees'

resources. Another solution that is growing in popularity is

Internet access that is connected to a monitoring system.

Programs like Kansmen's LittleBrother Pro 3.1 and Elron

Software's Internet Manager 4.7 can help you halt time thieves in

their tracks. If you choose this route, make your team aware

that you have the ability to track exactly where they have been

and how much time they are spending on the Internet. It may sound

like you are Big Brother, but it also may save your firm's

valuable resources. The Internet can bring your firm tremendous

resources or can eat up productive time more than anything else.

The answer is up to you.

Further details

2. Help Is Available on Sec 529 Qualified State Tuition Programs


State sponsored college savings programs are becoming hot, and

every large financial institution is trying to figure out how to

get a piece of the action. These plans represent a revolutionary

new way parents (and grandparents) invest for college tuition.

These pre-paid tuition plans are state sponsored investment plans

and are given special tax status by the IRS.

A new website is available to help you advise your clients
through the array of programs available today through Section 529
plans. Sign on to and click on a
number of features that would benefit financial advisors,
including state plan investment results, state plan comparisons,
links to articles on Section 529 Plans, and information on a new
book, "The Best Way To Save For College."

3. Help Your Clients Understand Security Issues of E-Commerce


Your clients are looking to you for guidance to merge them onto

the e-commerce highway. Do you know how to help them? A new

report from Entrust Technologies outlines the business issues and

the fundamentals of an infrastructure necessary to support e-

commerce in a client business. It also outlines the security

issues and weighs the business risks associated with them. The

paper was developed to help prepare businesses for elevating

security issues to the highest management levels as a means of

achieving business goals. This report is a must-read for any

business advisor. See our article for more details, and download

the report through a link in the article.

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4. Financial Advisory Specialists - Take Note


The Wall Street Journal predicts that "the greatest transfer of

wealth in history will occur in this country over the next

decade; an estimated $10 trillion is expected to change hands,

and much of this wealth is tied up in family-business stock."

Are you ready to help your clients in this area? An innovative

two-day conference hosted by the Alliance of Merger and

Acquisition Advisors (AMAA) and organized at the request of CPAs

and other financial advisors and consultants who want to better

serve the corporate financial advisory needs of private business

owners will be held in Chicago November 4-5, 1999. The "Corporate

Profitability Continuum" features investment banking related

services for privately-held companies enabling CPAs to attract

new clients and generate significant additional fees.

Participants will learn from the nation's foremost experts in

business valuation, performance and profit improvement, and

mergers & acquisitions. See the agenda and registration

information on line. And tell 'em you heard about it through


5. Beat Back Sick Days In Your Firm While Promoting a Team



It's Monday morning and one of your auditors has called in sick -

- again. CPAs in public practice and industry can do much to

lessen the number of sick days throughout their organizations by

spearheading the cause to develop motivating programs that

promote a healthy lifestyle while on the job. Low-cost activities

can be designed to enhance the day, such as a lunchtime seminar

series on topics related to health and well-being. How about

exercising during the day? Form a group to walk during the lunch

hour and you'll have that team spirit bubbling right away.

6. Subscriber Resource: Moorehead Credit Management Systems--

Helping You To Help Your Clients Make Better Credit Decisions


If you're like most accountants, you probably have clients who

extend credit to business customers. Are you doing all you can

to help your clients reduce their credit risk and make better

business decisions? Are you teaching them how to analyze their

customer's financial statements? Moorehead Management Systems is

a company specializing in credit risk management, and has a

resource-rich web site containing articles, credit tools, and

tips to help you guide your clients to a less risky credit

environment. Check out their site, and be sure to review their

list of "10 Financial Statement Analysis Tips That Can Save

Thousands of Dollars For Your Company" -- your clients will thank

you for your attention to their business!

7. Selling Professional Services To The Opposite Sex


Do you find yourself more successful selling your firm's services

to men or to women? Is there a difference in approach to selling

to the opposite sex? You better believe there is, and now there

is a new book to help you fine-tune your approach to close more

business. According to "GenderSell: How to Sell To The Opposite

Sex," men want to buy from women who offer knowledge and get to

the bottom line, while women want to know that a male salesperson

cares about the relationship he is building with her. Learn more

about Mars and Venus in a sales mode at:

8. CCH Releases Tax Bracket Changes For 2000


Commerce Clearing House (CCH) this week released estimated income

ranges for each federal tax bracket in the year 2000. Overall,

taxpayers are expected to send less money in to Uncle Sam, due to

adjustments in the tax brackets. For example, a married couple

filing jointly with total taxable income of $50,000 could pay

$104 less in income taxes in 2000. A single filer with taxable

income of $50,000 will contribute $65 less next year. For more

information on next year's tax brackets, and a sneak preview of

what is to come, see:

9. Internet Tip: Golf Course On Line Reference


Our technology tipster is off on vacation, so we thought we'd

bring you an Internet tip on the lighter side this week. For all

of the hackers out there, if you have a golf game coming up at an

unfamiliar course, go directly to for

the most complete golf course database available on the Web.

Their golf course locator contains valuable information, course

descriptions, club house facilities and user comments on tens of

thousands of courses around the country. Don't miss it!

If you know of an Internet tip, or a technology tip that others
can benefit from, you are encouraged to send it in to us at
mailto:[email protected].

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