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Wilson Lauture, a Stamford, CN accountant, isn't taking his recent layoff standing still. Well, in a way, he is, but not in the way you might think. Lauture has been spotted standing near an intersection in Norwalk, CN, wearing a sandwich board that advertises his desire to get back to work.

He told The Hour, a Connecticut newspaper, that he has had some inquiries. "Two of them asked me to send a copy of my resume", Lauture said. He plans to start carrying his resume with him while wearing the sandwich board.

Lauture was laid off in April from his job as an accountant with a New York nursing home. He is a Haitian immigrant who earned his bachelors degree at City University of New York and an MBA at the University of New Haven. Since his layoff, he's been working at some part-time and volunteer jobs, but is looking for full-time work.

"I've been having a really hard time to pay my mortgage and things are getting scary", Lauture told the Stamford Advocate. "A minimum wage is not a living wage, especially with two sons to support." Lauture's wife works as a cashier at a nearby grocery store.

Lauture, age 50, has been accompanied by his two sons, ages 8 and 12, also wearing sandwich boards, and all three of them wear suits and ties. "I'm going to keep trying until something comes up", he told The Hour. "As soon as I get a job, I will absolutely stop. If I don't get a job offer, I will continue to do this."


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