Regional CPA Firm Delivers New Consultative Service 'Commitment to Excellence'

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William F. Gurrie & Co., Ltd. (Gurrie), a CPA and consulting firm, located in the Chicago area, announces a new service to help ensure Illinois governments, as well as businesses in Illinois and Indiana, will achieve their greatest performance potential. Gurrie, along with other U.S. CPA firms, has helped develop a continuous improvement process known as Blueprint for Excellence. Gurrie distributes this program that involves training, tools, and a non-competitive support network, through its new division: Upstream Midwest

Blueprint for Excellence is being used by over 200 North American organizations, across all industries, with measurable results. The program offers techniques and disciplines organizations need and the tools necessary to help bridge the gap often experienced between great ideas and intentions and the successful implementation and execution of those ideas.

Budget constraints and anticipated employee turnover are two significant reasons an organization initiates process improvement efforts. Turnover among key employees is a pending reality among upper management levels in business and government organizations as a high percentage of employees near retirement age. U.S. Census Bureau projections show that the number of people aged 65 or older in the American population is expected to double in the next three decades as the baby-boomer generation ages, and the institutional knowledge these employees hold needs to be captured so that functions within organizations become more process-focused versus people-focused.

Government organizations are particularly hard-hit by these circumstances at present. Schools, for example, are experiencing dramatic budget cuts as a result of funding decreases and are also facing an unprecedented volume of retiring employees in the short-term. Both factors' adverse effects can be minimized through streamlined operations and excellent documentation of processes.

Budgetary constraints are forcing a thorough look at program costs and attempts to gain all efficiencies that can be had. The Blueprint for Excellence program ensures consistency and, perhaps most notably, protects from inefficiencies as processes become standardized and new methods are uncovered for doing more with less.

The economy is not being much kinder to the private sector seeking to implement similar cost containment measures and document processes to help ensure product and service quality under a variety of circumstances. For this reason, Gurrie is also bringing the Blueprint for Excellence program to businesses. Gurrie's vision is for all their clients to achieve an elevated performance level of using a “world class standard” (e.g. Disney or the Ritz Carlton) as a model and goal.

Smart organizations of all kinds are seeking to make their operations less people dependent and more process dependent. This is a key benefit of the Blueprint for Excellence program.

“The Upstream Midwest logo shows a rainbow trout swimming upstream—constantly improving its position, getting stronger, and reaping greater rewards once upstream—and it is the perfect symbolism for what we are trying to accomplish with our clients,” said Tim Cole, president of Gurrie, on announcing the new division. “The Blueprint for Excellence program provides the tools and direction needed to unlock the potential and harness the energy that each organization already holds within itself. And doing so in a realistic time-frame is key.”

Platt to Lead Upstream Midwest

Gurrie further announces that Michael Platt, a nationally recognized leader in the accounting profession, and key figure behind AccountingWEB, Inc. has joined Gurrie and will lead Upstream Midwest. Mike has extensive experience bringing business leaders together to foster idea sharing, best practices, and continuous improvement, and he brings that expertise to organizations across the Midwest through this new entity.

“The Gurrie team is fully committed to helping their clients achieve excellence, and I am excited about coming on board to leverage that commitment across the Midwestern region,” said Michael Platt. “We are all looking forward to moving organizations to a new level of success through the Blueprint for Excellence system.”

For additional information on Blueprint for Excellence or Upstream Midwest, visit or contact Michael Platt at [email protected] in Illinois at 630-645-6236 and Indiana at 317-965-5100.

Established in 1934, Gurrie, also known as William F. Gurrie & Co., Ltd., is a team of CPAs and consultants in the Chicagoland area, Washington, DC metro area, and Indianapolis, Indiana. The firm specializes in delivering comprehensive management solutions and practical financial advice. Gurrie made its start as a “friend” of Chicago area schools during the Great Depression. The firm now serves a large number of Chicago area governments and schools, the Federal government, and businesses. Gurrie is found on the Web at

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