PricewaterhouseCoopers Launches U.S. Valuation Services

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PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) has announced the launch of a U.S. valuation practice that offers a full range of valuation services. The valuation services are organized into two teams, the Transaction Services Accounting and Valuation Advisory practice and the Business Advisory practice. With the U.S. launch, PwC can deliver valuation services through a team of over 1,550 valuation professionals worldwide.

Valuation assessments provide critical input for a variety of corporate initiatives, including evaluating and structuring transactions; managing accounting, financial reporting and tax matters; resolving value-related issues surrounding disputes; and assessing strategic and tactical options supporting business decision making. By finding these issues and embedding applied valuation skills, PricewaterhouseCoopers, a provider of industry-focused assurance, tax and advisory services to build public trust and enhance value for its clients and their stake holders, believes it has created a truly distinctive service for non-audit clients.

Transaction Services Accounting and Valuation Advisory Practice

“As financial reporting moves to a fair value model, companies must deal with fair value issues every day, and nowhere are these issues more complex than when companies do deals,” John Glynn, a New York partner, former Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) professional accounting fellow and PwC's representative to the Appraisal Issues Task Force who has been chosen to lead the Transaction Services Accounting and Valuation Advisory practice, said in a statement announcing the launch of the services. “By getting involved early and considering a company's clearly defined business needs and goals, we can help clients get valuation right the first time, and think through the financial reporting and tax consequences of transactions and other initiatives. We can offer this because our practice brings together professionals with technical accounting, tax and valuation expertise.”

The Transaction Services Accounting and Valuation Advisory practice offers services that help companies meet financial reporting and tax valuation requirements, especially those related to merger and acquisition transactions. The Transaction Services group of PwC offers a deal process that helps clients bid smarter, close faster, and realize profits sooner on mergers, acquisitions, sales and financing transactions. Dedicated deal teams operate from 16 U.S. cities, as well as 126 locations in North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia.

Business Analytics Practice

The Business Analytics team, led by Mark Haller, a Chicago-based partner and leader of PwC's Economics and Strategy practice, offers applied valuation analysis and advisory services that help companies make business decisions. Business Analytics is part of PwC Advisory which brings together experienced, credentialed valuation specialists, along with a broader group of quantitatively trained, strategically savvy, and industry focused professionals who help clients execute strategy and make decisions on important issues, supported by hard facts and insightful analysis.

“We apply analytical approaches often dependent on value assessment and relative value modeling to help our clients to make important choices on strategic and tactical matters,” Haller said, noting his team specializes in analyses that help companies make better business decisions. “Our work adds quantitative support that refines and sometimes can even alter a client's assumptions on issues such as new market entry and competitive threats, dispute resolution, changing and emerging business models, internal investment choices, product pricing, product rationalization and extension, and customer value assessment. Our rigorous analysis produces the detailed information companies need to make important decisions with greater speed.”

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