New partners named at Gaetan, Johannes and Vaasco, LLP

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During the month of January 2009, four new partners were welcomed by the senior leadership of the firm of Gaetan, Johannes and Vaasco, LLP. Thomas Wilters, CPA, Owen Meadows, CPA, Phillip Sanders, CPA and Gloria Vanhaussen, CPA were enthusiastically promoted on their first election cycle. All four new partners will work and manage areas within the International Tax practice and in addition, each will manage affiliate international offices that the firm has had relationships with for over 50 years. Luis M. Rodriguez, CPA and Sr. Partner said the addition of these four partners to his group strengthens areas which overlap between U.S. and International Tax Jurisdictions.

Rodriguez, who also oversees the U.S. Federal Practice in the Southeast, took the opportunity to comment on the future of tax in the U.S. "We are slowly moving into a world of tax ambiguity in the U.S. No one can really predict what may happen, but what's certain, is that there will be a heightened sense of revenue protectionism in both the corporate and individual taxpayer levels. Firms like ours will be extremely busy conducting tax planning, credit and incentive research, international tax consulting, securities and investment tax planning and participating in U.S and international client tax disputes."

Gaetan, Johannes and Vaasco, LLP, is a Global Tax firm serving clients in the U.S. and abroad since 1934. The firm provides expertise in the areas of: U.S. and International Taxation, Legal Tax Advice, Securities Tax Advisory and Tax Compliance. The firm sets itself apart from other Accounting, Professional Services and Law Firms by only providing tax expertise. GJV maintains four offices in the United States and is partnered with over 200 independent firms around the world.

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