KPMG Establishes Global Business and Ethics Center

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KPMG International, announced this week the establishment of the Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics, an independent entity designed to recognize those individuals who exhibit extraordinary business ethics and leadership qualities.

“The Global Center is being founded on the conviction that leaders are defined by their actions, and that those individuals who exhibit exemplary business ethics should be recognized and honored,” said Mike Rake, chairman, KPMG International. “Indeed, spotlighting leaders who embody the very best in business ethics is a tangible way of recognizing and rewarding principled personal behavior and responsible business practices.”

The establishment of the Global Center closely follows the announcement last week that KPMG International had been named the Global Founding Partner of the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway.

“As a demonstration of our fundamental commitment to the principles of leadership, integrity and ethics, KPMG is serving as a catalyst to establish an independent entity, the Global Center, that will recognize those business leaders who reflect the attributes of accomplishment and innovation,” said Gene O'Kelly, chairman and chief executive of KPMG LLP, the U.S. member firm.

O'Kelly further explained that the separate role of Global Founding Partner of the Nobel Peace Center – in combination with the creation of the independently operated Global Center – as well as the Laureate & Award Medal Series comprises the “Global Initiative on Leadership & Business Ethics.”

“One of our highest priorities at KPMG is leading the restoration of credibility to the accounting profession,” said Timothy R. Pearson, vice chair, marketing and communications, KPMG LLP. “The Global Initiative is inspired by the spirit of the Nobel Prizes and the principles and guidelines of the Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian Nobel Committee, and is aimed at recognizing outstanding business leaders.”

The Global Center will manage and administer the nomination process for the Laureate Award & Medal Series, which will honor those who are committed to excellence in business ethics. The processes, governance and nomination of the Laureate Award and Medal Series are modeled on Nobel.

  • The Laureate Award will honor a leader who best exemplifies business ethics and who has shown his or her commitment to excellence. In addition to the Laureate Award, medals will be awarded for Leadership, Corporate Governance, Reporting & Disclosure, Social Responsibility and Education.
  • A Chairman for the Global Center will be appointed shortly, and a call for nominations for the Laureate Award & Medal Series will follow. Winners will be determined in November and the awards will be presented in December the same week that Nobel prizes are given.

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