KPMG Ads are Par for the Course

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Do not attempt to adjust your television set. That trap shot Phil Mickelson holes in KPMG Consulting's first-ever TV spots as a public company this weekend really took place.

With KPMG Consulting CEO Rand Blazer holding the pin, Mr. Mickelson sinks a shot on the edge of a bunker by turning his back to the pin and swinging in the opposite direction. Using a wedge, the ball travels behind and over Mr. Mickelson's head and lands square in the cup.

"As incredible as the shot was, the fact that Phil holed it on the third take of filming was absolutely astounding," said Mr. Blazer. "The shot exemplifies one of KPMG Consulting's basic messages, which is no matter where you aim, you can trust us to help keep your enterprise on target."

The spots, which will air twice Saturday and twice Sunday during ABC's coverage of the British open, are the first commercials ever run by KPMG Consulting as a public company. The second commercial features an equally stunning shot by Mr. Mickelson. That shot features Mr. Blazer barely three feet in front of Mr. Mickelson while he lobs a shot over Mr. Blazer's head onto the green and into the cup.

"That spot emphasizes trust as a hallmark of KPMG Consulting in its relationships with its clients," said Mr. Blazer.

Phil Mickelson, the world's number two golfer behind Tiger Woods, signed a multi-year endorsement contract with KPMG Consulting in December 2000, in which he wears KPMG Consulting headgear while on tour and at company-sponsored events.

The two thirty-second spots are the result of that close relationship and the camaraderie between Mr. Mickelson and Mr. Blazer.

"That took a lot of nerve on the part of Rand," said Mr. Mickelson, "but Rand has always impressed me as a person who is willing to go the extra mile to prove a point, especially when it proves a point about KPMG Consulting's corporate culture."

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