Indianapolis CPA firm launches blog

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Somerset CPAs, Indianapolis, has joined the surprisingly short list of CPA firms who are using blogging as a tool to engage their team members, clients, referral partners, and the community-at-large in an ongoing purpose driven dialogue via their new web-blog: Somerset Business Success Strategies. The ultimate goal of the blog is to explore, along with the participants, leadership and management principles that will lead to organizations reaching their full potential.

Positioning themselves as an industry leader, Somerset CPAs, a full-service certified public accounting and professional services firm, taps into what was typically construed as unusual for CPA firms. Howard M. Cox, Director of Business Consulting at Somerset, initiated the blog and feels web-related communications are expected as the norm to compete in today's business culture.

"We are living in a world where the goal has shifted from simply creating a customer or client base into creating a full blown community or tribe. In order to accomplish this goal, you must be willing to explore all avenues of communication. Blogging at its core is a leading means in today's world to reach out and interact with your community. It works because it creates an interactive ongoing dialogue with your community that furthers your influence and importance within that community. An added benefit is that you learn as much or more from your community than the value you provide directly. Our role in sponsoring the blog is really to provide a platform and facilitate the process of ongoing discussion and debate," explains Cox.

While the maintenance of a blog requires an enormous time commitment - the results of the combined value created and communication within the community greatly outweighs the effort. "Conveying this information fast, easily and on demand for the reader is value Somerset is offering," says Cox. What will Somerset's blog provide? The Somerset Business Success Strategies blog will act as an online journal between Howard Cox and interested bloggers and will focus on foundational skills and tools that every business owner and manager need in order to write their own "playbook for creating happiness and building business value."

Participate in the Somerset CPAs blog by going to and clicking on the "Blog" image. Read Cox's first post, A Challenge to the Customer Centered Business Model, and post your comments today.

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