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Greetings and Vision Statement From the Editor

Apr 17th 2015
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First off, let me say a humble and heartfelt hello to all of our loyal readers. You may know me personally or by name from my many years covering the profession and I would like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for your support – not only for my work but for AccountingWEB, which I am most proud to join as its managing editor.

More importantly, I feel it is pertinent to communicate to you all my vision for the site and brand, which is in no uncertain terms to be a true community for the accounting profession.

It’s easy to simply say your site is this or that, but in the coming weeks and months, you will see exactly how we are embracing and promoting community through our content and tools that will enable this to happen in a very real way.

Change is not always easy or embraced wholly, and we know it is a word all too many of you have become familiar with in reference to the profession you serve in. Be clear, we’re not here to “change monger” you, but rather be a place where you can all be a part of managing the challenges that you face every day through the exchange of news and insights that we gather and – more importantly – that the accounting community provides.

During my tenure covering the profession, one of the constants was the need for useful information to help not only navigate larger plans, but everyday issues presented by clients or technology. This is where AccountingWEB will be most beneficial to you.

Our mission is not simply to “push” information out to you, but to have it come from you and be for you. For those who want to grow or improve their practice, or even simply manage change and regular challenges better, the best way to do so is through shared experiences and advice. This information need not only come from experts and thought leaders, but from your own colleagues in the field who are making those changes or even struggling with the same issues.

In short, what you will see from AccountingWEB is not only the news of the day, but what exactly that news means to you and your practice. You will also see useful advice and insights from the service providers you work with and want to work with – and, most importantly, from other practitioners.

Finally, we want there to be an open exchange on the content we have on the site, and while the editors are here to help steer, it cannot succeed as a community without you.

Community does not happen overnight, nor because we deem it to be so. As such, we officially open our doors for you to share your insights and contribution to AccountingWEB and its content. Know that this is a process we intend to go through together, and we warmly welcome your feedback and contribution to our website.

Thank you!


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By Andy North
Jun 25th 2015 20:12 EDT

Thanks Seth. To echo that if you have any suggestions as to what you see as important issues for us to cover - we're waiting to hear from you...

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