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Jun 10th 2013
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Going Concern, the accounting world's cutting-edge source of news and information, announces a new and better way of helping accounting firms find the very best talent. Going Concern Talent, which launched June 10, offers a refreshing approach to finding the most dynamic and motivated accounting professionals across the United States. 

Going Concern Talent – Delivering Talent with Integrity

Finding the right accounting professionals for any firm can be a taxing dilemma. Going Concern Talent is a new service designed to make the experience easier, more flexible, and successful for both companies and candidates. It's about making connections between employers and a unique source of candidates not available anywhere else – Going Concern readers.

More than just a job board, Going Concern Talent enables employers to access a source of highly qualified accounting professionals who are engaged and active in the accounting community. The new service includes a tailored suite of personalized and flexible options adjustable to all roles, budgets, and firm types. In essence, it's a specialized accounting-only job board that offers dedicated placement services and additional candidate engagement and attraction tools to serve Going Concern Talent account holders. 

No Recruiting Firms or Staffing Agencies Allowed

In February 2013, Going Concern readers were surveyed to learn what they liked and didn't like about the recruitment process, what really ticked them off, and what they felt would improve things for all parties. The survey results helped shape the Going Concern Talent offering. As a result, Going Concern Jobs (the job board) will only allow the employers who are the original source of the positions to list their jobs – recruiters or agencies that post their jobs on the job board will simply be deleted – as Going Concern aims to remove all the noise that the average job board has.

Going Concern Talent is delivered by a team of experienced recruiting and accounting specialists. Michael Casey, general manager, says",We're delighted to be launching Going Concern Talent today with our ethos being to deliver the next generation of accounting talent to firms, adopting a simple, transparent, and honest approach. Just exactly as readers and users of Going Concern have come to expect from us. I look forward to helping firms across the United States find the accounting professionals they need and to enabling candidates to take the next step in their career development." 

About Going Concern

Going Concern has one of the fastest growing accounting communities on the web, with thousands of accounting professionals visiting the site every day.

With a reputation for an honest, no-nonsense approach to the world of accounting, Going Concern attracts a core audience of experienced professionals who are looking for their next career move. For many years, Going Concern has worked hard to build a loyal following, and that has been the inspiration for Going Concern Talent – to continue serving its community across the country. 

Going Concern vital statistics:

  • 51 percent of Going Concern readers are qualified CPAs.
  • 50 percent of Going Concern readers work at the most prestigious firms, including the Big 4.
  • 68 percent of Going Concern readers are employed in a public accounting firm.
  • 58 percent of Going Concern readers are looking to move into a new role within twelve months.
  • 71 percent of Going Concern readers are at an associate, senior associate, tax accountant, or an equivalent level.
  • Average age of a Going Concern reader is twenty-two to thirty-two.

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By Run for the hills
Jun 25th 2015 20:11 EDT

what reputable firm would use this [Going Concern] source for recruiting? While I must say from time to time, it makes me laugh, but that’s about it. Anyone wanting to recruit with GC, you might be sorry in the end. Sigh!

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By Gail Perry
Jun 25th 2015 20:11 EDT

While the content might make you laugh, Going Concern is a site that attracts a multitude of serious, career-motivated young professional accountants and gives them a forum where they can sound off and be heard. Going Concern Jobs is no joke - this company is designed to provide boutique placement services for savvy job candidates who are moving out of their first or second job in public accounting and looking for a serious direction to their career. The company is created and run by accountants who understand the profession inside/out and are prepared to help accountants find the right match and employers find the right new-hire. No joke!
Gail Perry/Publisher, Sift Media US

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