Global Center Issues Call for Nominations

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The Global Center for Leadership & Business Ethics announced it is accepting nominations for The Laureate Award & Medal Series, according to William W. George, chairman of the Global Center.

The Laureate Award will honor a leader who best embodies the qualities of insight, ethics and courage, which are key attributes of leadership. Medals will also be awarded by The Global Center - an independent body established to recognize those individuals who exhibit extraordinary business ethics and leadership qualities - later this year in Leadership, Corporate Governance, Reporting & Disclosure, Social Responsibility, and Education.

"The Global Center's mission is to honor those who serve as beacons of responsible business, who have a deep sense of purpose and are committed to excellence in business ethics. We need role models today, especially those who have built their companies to meet the needs of all their stakeholders and provide leading examples of such best practices," said Bill George.

The international call for nominations for The Laureate Award & Medal Series has been sent to 9,000 senior corporate executives and audit committee chairs, business school deans and academic leaders, professional associations, members of Congress, regulatory agencies, and economists, he said. Nominations are due to The Global Center by September 24, 2004.

The Center's board will review the nominees, George said, and award winners will be determined in November, with presentation of the awards during the same week in December when Nobel Peace Prize is given in Oslo. The structure, governance, and selection process for The Laureate Award & Medals is inspired by the principles and guidelines of the Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian Nobel Committee.

"The Laureate Award & Medal Series will bring wide recognition to those who have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to leadership and business ethics. Through these awards, The Global Center is creating a valuable means of recognizing those who are committed to excellence and increasing awareness of their high ideals and accomplishments," said Mike Rake, chairman, KPMG International.

"Through its support, KPMG is demonstrating its commitment to lead in helping to further restore investor confidence in the capital markets by recognizing outstanding examples of business ethics and integrity. We firmly believe that leaders are defined by their actions and that those who exhibit those commendable qualities should be recognized and honored," said Gene O'Kelly, KPMG LLP (U.S.) chairman and chief executive.

Nominations may be sent to: The Global Center for Leadership and Business Ethics, 345 Park Ave., New York, NY 10154-0102, U.S.A., or by e-mail at [email protected]. Similar to the guidelines of the Nobel Foundation and the Norwegian Nobel Committee, nominations are not required to comply with a particular format. Questions about the nomination process can be directed to The Global Center at +1 (212) 872-3100.

Bill George was chief executive officer of Medtronic, Inc., a leading medical technology company, from 1991 to 2001, and its chairman from 1996 until 2002, when he retired. He joined Medtronic in 1989 as president and chief operating officer. He is currently a senior lecturer at Harvard Business School. He serves on the boards of Goldman Sachs, Target Corp., and Novartis AG. In addition, he is affiliated with certain non-profit organizations, serving as a member of the Board of Dean's Advisors of the Harvard Business School and as a member of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the National Association of Corporate Directors. His best-selling book, Authentic Leadership: Rediscovering the Secrets to Creating Lasting Value, was published in 2003.

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