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FASB Combines Guidance on Income Into Topic 220

Dec 26th 2017
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Among its ongoing codification simplification chores, the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) has combined its guidance for income statements and comprehensive income into Topic 220.

Until now, guidance on these topics had been separated into Topic 225, Income Statement, and Topic 220, Comprehensive Income.

The new Topic 220 title will be Income Statement – Reporting Comprehensive Income and it incorporates the guidance from the former Topic 225. Topic 220 contains more guidance about net income and contains multiple examples of income statements (statement of comprehensive income), according to the FASB. Topic 220 also defines net income.

Referred to as Editorial and Maintenance Update 2017-19, the announced change provides nonsubstantive corrections to the codification, such as editorial corrections, various link-related changes, and changes to source fragment information (used for Cross Reference and the Printer-Friendly with sources). The maintenance update includes nonsubstantive visual corrections, which are reflected in the relevant Status tables

The FASB believes the new 64-page combined document will be easier for users – and easier for the board’s continued codification maintenance.

The guidance itself remains the same.


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