EY Teaches how to Hack Into Computer Systems (Really!)

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Believe it or not, Ernst & Young will teach you how to hack into a Windows NT or Unix system.

The accounting and consulting firm will offer a course in both Cape Town and Johannesburg, South Africa, to teach members of the corporate business community exactly how to violate their own systems--with the hope that they'll learn how to prevent such an event from happening.

The cost is about $970 for a four-day course, and those who take the class must sign a waiver stating they will not use the material learned for any 'malicious' purpose. The crux of the course is to teach how to implement security issues on a 24/7 basis, as well as encourage system administrators to stay current on the latest viruses and hacker information.

The firm even hired an ex-hacker to help teach the course. This man, named Stieler van Eeden, broke into the Johannesburg Stock Exchange Web site earlier this year. The firm acknowledged it is taking a risk in hiring him, but they felt that there was no one better to demonstrate and learn from than someone who has been there--done that.

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