Deloitte multi-service business fuels projected revenue growth to more than $27 billion

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Deloitte Global CEO Jim Quigley announced today that projected aggregate member firm revenue for Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu in FY2008 would exceed $27 billion, representing another year of double digit growth for the global professional services organization. Reported revenues in FY2007 were $23.1 billion.

Marking the end of his first full year as Global CEO, Quigley said, "We are delighted with our performance, which I believe is a reflection of the quality of our people and their everyday commitment to client service excellence. Our continued financial success is driven by our diverse service offerings and strong presence in each region, including the emerging markets. While we are experiencing growth in all areas, growth is particularly strong in our advisory services."

Looking ahead, Quigley noted, "Our future growth rests on the strength of our innovative culture. Our people are proactive and strive to always be one step ahead in everything they do, enabling delivery of greater value to clients, the marketplace, and our communities. I am very proud of what our teams have accomplished, and look ahead to the coming year with great anticipation."

The announcement comes as Deloitte leaders from around the world kick off their annual global meeting, being held this year in Silicon Valley, CA. The theme of the three-day event is to further encourage and motivate Deloitte's leaders to embrace innovation across every aspect of their business, including client service and talent management. Helping drive the innovation theme are invited speakers: former Vice President and Nobel Laureate Al Gore, and Jonathan Schwartz, CEO of Sun Microsystems. Deloitte leaders will also visit over 35 clients throughout Silicon Valley to discuss innovation.

"We are very fortunate to have Mr. Gore and Mr. Schwartz speaking to the delegates during this year's world meeting. Their insights, and those of our clients located in Silicon Valley—the heart of world-class innovation—will be invaluable in helping drive an even stronger innovative culture within our organization," explains Quigley.

Along with Gore and Schwartz, Deloitte will host John Kao, author of Innovation Nation and John Hennessy, president, Stanford University, among other globally recognized Silicon Valley leaders.

"If we achieve one thing from this week's meeting," said Quigley, "it will be to strengthen our culture and inspire continued innovative thinking and action among our leaders."

Deloitte also announced today the creation of a Young Partners Advisory Council (YPAC) for innovation. The team's charter it is to develop recommendations to further apply innovation across all aspects of Deloitte including technology, brand, client service delivery, talent, and corporate responsibility.

The group consists of 25 partners representing 24 countries throughout the Deloitte global network. Past members of YPAC have gone on to take global leadership roles within the organization.

Quigley said, "Our people are constantly exploring innovative solutions to either assist our clients with complex business issues, or improve our own operations. Strengthening an innovation culture that results in inspiring opportunities for our people and exceptional service to our clients, will be a defining characteristic of my leadership team at Deloitte."

You can view video clips and photos from the Deloitte World Meeting 2008.

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