[email protected] Adds Topical Indexes, Targeted Web Searches

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“This latest release builds on the leading-edge concepts of [email protected],” Nancy Zukowski, director of product management for CCH publishing, said in a prepared statement announcing the enhancements. “We've added access to topical indexes and a targeted search of government and industry web sites.”


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CCH, a Wolters Kluwer business, is a leading provider of tax and accounting law information and services.

Topical Indexes

When [email protected]'s sleek Desktop console launches, users will now see a new tab, Topical Indexes, in addition to the familiar Search, Citations, Tracker News and Research Folders.

Opening the tab allows users to simultaneously search all of the topical indexes of their subscribed publication on the CCH Tax Research NetWork. Clicking on a search result brings up a detailed document list and clicking on a document title draws the document itself into the [email protected] Console, with no need to launch a browser or start the Tax Research NetWork itself.

“This is a great time-saver, allowing researchers to access related topics across all their subscribed publications,” Zukowski commented.

Search Government, Industry Web Sites

With [email protected] 2.1, users also now have a new search option. In addition to searching the CCH Tax Research Network, the web as a whole and the documents on their own desktop, they can now Google sites selected from a list of relevant government and industry web sites. Sites include the IRS, AICPA, state departments of revenue and the National Association of Tax Administrators, among others.

“This new feature lets users target precisely those sites on the web that are likely to be highly relevant to their research,” Zukowski noted. “While web-wide searches can be valuable, there are times when you know precisely where you want to look and can save time by excluding extraneous sites from your search.”

The results appear in separate search results lists and any of the documents can be opened within the console (desktop searching requires installation of the Google desktop plug-in, available free from Google). Thus a single search can find relevant documents on the CCH Tax Research NetWork, the users' own research memos and e-mail and websites such as the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).

Microsoft Office Integration

[email protected] 2.1 continues to provide special benefits for professionals who have adopted Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 suite of products. With [email protected], users never have to leave a Microsoft Office 2003 document to conduct their research. They can Launch a search directly from within the document, view their results on the same screen, insert results directly into their Office 2003 program, e-mail the results straight to clients or save their results to a variety of locations.

In addition, CCH citation Smart Tags breathe new life into existing electronic documents. The Smart Tags recognize citations in the text of Microsoft Word documents and allow users to view the full text of the cited document; retrieve it into a new word document; and create links in Word to the underlying full text on the Tax Research NetWork.

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